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Email Christine Corbett and let her know it's time AGL closed their dangerous coal-burning power stations and went renewable.

A former AGL employee whistleblower just exposed how AGL's decrepit and clunking old Bayswater power station is harming the local environment and community, spewing out millions of tonnes of carbon pollution each year into the atmosphere.

And what's worse is AGL, Australia’s biggest climate polluter, is fully aware of the soaring number of pollution incidents at Bayswater and the harm being caused to the local community — and yet continues to do nothing.

It's time to let AGL know that enough is enough. AGL's incoming CEO Christine Corbett has the opportunity to transform AGL from Australia’s biggest climate polluter into Australia’s biggest climate solution by rapidly switching to 100% renewable energy.

Use the form to send Christine Corbett an email now and demand she sets AGL on the path to a safer, cleaner and more prosperous renewable energy future. We’ve drafted one to get you started, but feel free to personalise it however you like. The more personal you make it, the more likely she is to take notice!

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