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Email Christine Corbett and let her know it's time AGL went renewable.

Christine Corbett is the CEO-in-waiting of AGL if they succeed in the plan to split off their coal-burning power stations into a new dirty power company called Accel Energy. 

Christine has the opportunity to transform AGL from Australia’s biggest climate polluter into Australia’s biggest climate solution by rapidly switching to 100% renewable energy. 

Unfortunately under the company demerger proposal, AGL STILL plans to source most of their power from the very same polluting coal-burning power stations they currently own. It’s just that they will be owned instead by Accel Energy. It’s really just a dirty accounting trick that will mask the truth of where their power is coming from.

Now's the time to tell her that you're not falling for AGL's marketing spin, and that AGL needs to become a true renewable energy leader. 

Send Christine an email using the form. We’ve drafted one to get you started, but feel free to personalize it however you like. The more personal you make it, the more likely she is to take notice!

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