Are you an AGL staff member?

You are in a powerful position to advocate for internal change and push AGL to become a clean energy leader.

You can help AGL become 100% renewable! 

Send us an anonymous message.




Email your CEO.

Get involved in action. 

We know it can be hard to stick your neck out in a workplace. We're not asking you to tell us anything confidential, but if there’s information you’d like to share with us anonymously that you think would aid us in our campaign, please get in touch!

Send him a measured email telling him you’d love to see AGL switch to 100% renewable energy generation faster than currently planned.

If you want to be connected with others who are advocating for change internally sign up here and we can link you up with co-workers interested in AGL transitioning to 100% renewable by 2030. 

Like many of you, we’d love AGL to become the clean, green leader it claims to be. This has to start with AGL closing its coal-burning power station by 2030 at the latest and investing more in renewable energy. This would be a huge game-changer for Australia and clean energy.

Email your interim CEO

Your voice is so important! As you know, your interim CEO is Graeme Hunt. Send him a measured email, letting him know that as an AGL staff member, you're not ok with the fact that AGL is Australia's number one climate polluter, producing more than double the climate pollution of any other company. AGL is at a crossroads and their investment in coal clearly isn’t working. Encourage him to take this opportunity to make AGL a renewable energy superpower you can be proud of by closing all its coal-burning power stations by 2030.  

You can email him at this address:

Send us an anonymous message

Knowing more about what's going on at AGL can be invaluable in helping us shift AGL. If you have information you want to share follow these steps to share it securely and anonymously  with us! 

  1. Set up a personal account with Wire on your personal laptop or smart phone, give yourself an anonymous name, like I<3Renewables so you can remain anonymous. 
  2. Install Wire on your personal phone or laptop
  3. Request to connect with GreenpeaceAGL
  4. Send us a message with any information you think may help us better push AGL from the outside to close its coal fired power stations by 2030. 

Other ways you can get involved

Your company's energy is not as green as you think.

In the past, AGL has invested in renewables and spent big to build its environmental reputation. But as time has passed, it's real commitment to renewables has waned, while the pollution from its enormous coal-burning power stations continues to soar. We know this move does not represent what all staff want, but without your help it will be hard to change the story

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